Professional team

A team of professionals with significant experience both in the national and international mining industry.

A professional team with vast experience in mining

We are team conformed by professionals with a vast experience in the Mining Industry. Our main mission responds to fulfill the requirements and needs of our clients by implementing safe, efficient, intelligent and environmentally friendly solutions.


Mining - Civil Engineer / Master of Eng. Sciences Mining Geomechanics, Curtin University of Technology
Western Australia School of Mines (WASM)

Fernando is an engineer with 16 years of both national and international experience, with specialization on applied Geomechanics and Rock Engineering. His professional career has commenced in El Teniente Mine, Codelco-Chile, where he worked in panel and block caving operating mines and projects. He had faced major instabilities such as collapses and rock burst at geomechanically challenging mines such as Esmeralda and Sub-6. After spending 10 years in Codelco, he has moved overseas to Australia as a Senior Geotechnical Engineer on the Rio Tinto Argyle Diamonds Block Cave Project. He has created the geotechnical team for the project and finally he has led it as the Geotechnical Superintendent. Fernando returned back to Chile at middle 2012 and founded his own consultant company, called FF GeoMechanics, with the aim of satisfying the increased demands from modern mining companies in relation to rock mechanics engineering. Fernando has been the author, lecturer and reviewer of numerous technical publications on National and International Symposiums and has been the lecturer on the "Advanced Ground Support Systems" course on several occasions for the Australian Centre for Geomechanics (ACG), and “Rock Burst Analysis and Control” course, for the Peruvian Mining Chamber (CAMIPER) and Intercade.

Member of Both The Internacional Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM) and The Australian Geomechanics Society (AGS)


Mining - Civil Engineer Master of Sciences (Mining Engineering, Colorado School of Mines)

Federico is an engineer with more than 40 years of experience on both mining industry and academia. He has been working as Principal Consultant and Advisor for national and international companies, by leading rock mechanics research programs related to mine design (both underground and open pit), underground mining systems selection and planning, unconventional blast techniques (with plasma application), among others. Since year 1989 Federico holds the position of Principal Researcher and Associate Professor at the Mining Department of University of La Serena, accountable for the following lectures: Rock Mechanics, Underground Mining, Rock Slope Stability, Rock Support Design and Analysis. During the last 8 years Federico is Coordinator and Professor of the Geomechanical Mining Diploma and Master of Engineering Sciences (Mining Geomechanics) developed by the University of La Serena and Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia School of Mines (WASM). Federico has published 35 international mining papers on specialized journals, congresses and symposiums, in addition to significant undisclosed reporting. He is the author of books and handbooks on geomechanical applications such as Active Rockbolting Support, Theoretical Approaches to Mine Operations, Rock Slope Engineering, Ground Support and Geotechnical Fundaments, among others. Federico is an active member of the Chilean Institute of Mining Engineers and the Society of Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME) of America.


Geological Engineer PhD in Geology & Mineralogy
Lvov State University, Ukraine

Juan is a Geological Engineer with more than 40 years of mining experience in the ex USSR and Chile. He holds a Master of Sciences and PhD degrees from the Krivoy Rog and Lvov Universities in Ukraine, respectively. Juan has worked on scientific research and consultancy and he was Professor of Mineralogy, Crystallography and Geology of Mineral Deposits for more than 10 years in Ukraine. Between 1993 and 1995 he was the Principal Geologist of Vostok Chile S.A. He has settled back to Chile on mid 90´s and works for a diversity of companies such as: Minera Cerro Negro S.A., Carolina de Michilla S.A., and also as an independent researcher and consultant of the Chilean Mining Ministery. Juan is an expert on his field on a diversity of areas comprising geological exploration, rockmass geological and geotechnical characterization, mineralogy and petrography.


Mining - Civil Engineer Rock Mechanics Diploma - Geomechanical Design Diploma (CAMIPER - MINING SOCIETY OF SOUTH AFRICA)

Eduardo is an engineer with 14 years of relevant experience, on diverse areas of Geomechanical Engineering and also mining operations (mainly focused on drill and blast design and control). He has developed his professional path on diverse companies both mining and consultancy, such as: Haldeman Mining Co, DERK, Mecanica de Rocas, etc. Eduardo has participated and led mining task groups and teams for the resolution of geotechnically complex issues. His areas of specialization involve: geotechnical mapping, rockmass characterization, stability analysis (underground and open pit), design and implementation of ground support systems, geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring, among other areas. Eduardo holds a Rock Mechanics Diploma from the University of Antofagasta (Chile) and a Geomechanical Design Diploma from CAMIPER and Mining Society of South Africa. In addition, Eduardo is a Safety specialist from SERNAGEOMIN.